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Electronic pollution: ¡°intangible damage¡± to be reckoned with
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Expert: attachment radiotherapy of nanjing general hospital of nanjing military region Rui-zhong zhang

[Barracks] lens unit of organ correspondent Xiao Zhou recently often insomnia. The survey found little space in his dorm room, appliances turned up as many as seven samples, including Xiao Zhou bed pillow is a computer desk. Instruments detected electromagnetic radiation beyond the normal standard of indoor harmful gas is much higher than outdoors.

[Causes of] other computer and TV screen during normal operation will release a poisonous gas - poly Australia diphenyl, the larger the screen, the longer the time, the more gas produced. Studies have shown that continuous use of the computer for two days, the room poly Australia diphenyl content also concentrated than downtown. Human long-term inhalation of this gas can cause chronic poisoning. In addition, it will result in a variety of electrical work when electromagnetic radiation pollution, affecting the central nervous system.

[Expert Weapon] army barracks according to their actual purchase of environmentally friendly, low consumption, low radiation of electronic products, avoid excessive electromagnetic radiation. In addition, to strengthen the following specific protective measures: install the hostel computers and other electrical appliances should be kept away from the sleeping position; using a computer, a television, to open doors and ventilation; electrical device with a display screen can be mounted electromagnetic radiation protective screen; finished using TV after the computer should promptly wash; eat more carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, rape, kelp, lean meat and other foods rich in vitamin a, C, and protein foods, to enhance the ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.

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