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Industrial switching power supply market concentration is high competition in the industry is facing a fully integrated
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The market competition is intense
Industry market concentration is higher, switch power supply industry top ten enterprises accounted for the market share of 76.1%. Among them, the highest market share of the two companies are Ming weft and Siemens. Ming weft, Siemens, respectively, as the current domestic flat-panel representative company in the field of switch power supply, guide rail switch power supply, is the core of industrial switching power supply enterprise competition.
Other major enterprises in addition to compete with the two companies, will be because of factors of enterprise business portfolio, product application areas, strong competitors in some specific occasions, such as electric field (German, Yu Feng, three etc.), industrial switching power supply customized business domain (Chaoyang, Yongming etc.) all have their own competition the opponent.

Polarized obviously needs
"Report" domestic industrial switching power supply market demand display, switching power supply in the industrial market, high-end products accounted for the entire market share of 25%, the low-end products accounted for the entire market share of 37%, and in the high-end, in the end, in the low-end product market share is low. The reason for this phenomenon is, has the unique characteristics of domestic demand application field of industrial switching power supply. Demand for high-end industrial switching power supply such as electricity, rail transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy and other fields is larger, and the main switch purchase low-end industry most of the enterprises in the field of machinery power. In the field of end product demand at present is mainly a number of small and medium-sized power plant, power equipment, heavy machinery, a small part of the petrochemical equipment etc..
And the demand of polarized obviously corresponding is, in the domestic industrial switching power supply market, foreign brand market share of more than 60%. Domestic brands are mainly distributed in the low-end and low-end market. Because of the high-end products and low-end products market share is large, the low-end products manufacturing enterprises to survive the pressure was relatively large, this may weaken the power of domestic enterprises to enter high-end market.

Electric field brand dispersion
Mechanical, electric power industry is the focus of domestic and industrial application of switching power supply, demand for switching power supply machine tools, heavy machinery and electricity, rail transit field is still large. However, different from other industries, in the power sector, industrial switching power supply brand dispersion.
Industrial switching power supply is mainly used in equipment and engineering project. Among them, machinery, electric power industry two industrial switching power supply amount about the total demand of domestic industrial switching power supply market volume 3/4.
"Report" domestic industrial switching power supply market demand shows, in the subdivision of different application areas, the domestic industrial switching power supply enterprises also showed different competitiveness. For example, we in the mechanical field, electric field, Chaoyang Dechuang in the field of rail transportation in the leading position in the. Electric field of brand is more dispersed, ranking the leading enterprise's market share is below 20%. In the field of electrical equipment, supporting the application of brand mainly Dechuang, Yu Feng, three enterprises as the representative. In power engineering field, the representative business major Ming Wei, Chaoyang, Feinikesi energy, etc.. Among them, Feinikesi, Chaoyang industrial switching power supply is mainly used in large power plant and substation project, Ming Wei, Heng Fu Industrial switching power supply is mainly used in small power plant and the power grid project.

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