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Pay close attention to the traditional advantage industry, share business opportunities the Western electronic
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    As the largest electronic exhibition Chinese, China Electronics Exhibition (CEF) has always been professionals as an important stage of contact with the latest products, technology and seek matching components and production, testing equipment, an important event is also observed industry development indicator. And the forthcoming in September 7th to one of the CEF series exhibition opening of 9 CEF Chengdu Exhibition, special careful people will find that there are a lot of different from CEF in Shenzhen and CEF in Shanghai. It is different from the significant industry characteristics of Shanghai and Shenzhen and other coastal areas of Western China, the military and other traditional industries is the biggest bright spot, and for the west, positioned as a "showcase for industrial application and military electronic technology solutions" 2010 China (Chengdu) Electronics Show, either from local or international and domestic exhibitors exhibitors, more embodies these characteristics of the Western electronic industry.

    "A group of distinctive local exhibitors will be participating, they include Kyushu Difei, Chengdu Austrian days technology, Xu Guang technology, etc.." Ceeic and information dissemination limited company general manager Dr. Dong Xuegeng pointed out, "at the same time, also will have to come from abroad more than 400 electronic components and electronic industry equipment manufacturers to participate in the 2010 leading China (Chengdu) Electronics Show, they provide for the need of Western military industry, information technology industry and other traditional industries. Components, production and test and measurement equipment and technology, including both the leading enterprises like Agilent, ram, OMRON, Rhodes and Schwartz, Digi-Key and other global industry, also includes youlide Science & technology, Zhongke Fanhua, Junyao electronics, creative electronic, countries such as China mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan industry star enterprise." It is reported, in view of the western area of military and associated characteristics of industrial concentration, this exposition also specific set up including "electronic test technology for national defense and industry application solutions" and so on dozens of professional seminars, at the same time, this exhibition is also defined as "showcase for industrial application and military electronic technology solutions," industrial grade / military grade electronic components, optoelectronic devices, high performance integrated circuit, a power supply module will also become the focus of the exhibition.

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