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Qingdao public security network center to remind: the online purchase of electronic products are not cheap map
Release Time£º2010-09-12 22:03:56     Source£ºSite     Reading£º9898 times Qingdao windows on 7 July, (Qiao Piliang Wang Jianhua Zhou Yan) today, the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau spokesman issued by the office of the city of Qingdao in 2010 second quarter warning broadcast network. Broadcast the show, Qingdao City Public Security Bureau network alarm disposal center second quarter accepted all kinds of network alarm 1300, flat, and the quarter in which, network fraud more than 500; the network theft of more than 400; hackers and computer virus type more than 50 report class of more than 120. Focus on the online shopping cheated and winning information fraud is still accepted, and loss is larger; the virtual property of network theft cases in high number of reported stolen; free to publish others name, in the online mobile phone number and other violations of personal rights and interests have bigger growth.

    Early warning bulletin

    Mr. Li city because the computer is damaged, heard that the purchase of electronic products in the online price is very low, so the search on the net, found a website called "digital", products are very cheap, just want to chat with customer service, did not think of his Ali Wangwang auto reply, request the QQ chat, Mr. Li added later he asked QQ why not in Taobao chat, customer service said that their goods are the purchase directly from manufacturers, too cheap if competitor report, after chatting Mr. Lee found a shop customer service on the computer hardware is quite studies, then decided to buy the computer in his home. Customer service requirements direct remittance, Mr. Lee also didn't think agreed. After the remittance, shop customer service said there was a side of the large customers to goods, the way to send their. Later someone to call Mr. Li said they arrived, but meet the transaction to pay 5000 yuan deposits for trading, the transaction is completed will get the money back. Mr. Lee eager to get a computer, then two times to provide him hit 5000 yuan in your account. Then shops say that company management regulations, the customer's deposit to pay by cash cheque cheque, ten thousand is the minimum requirement, Mr. Li again to a 5000 yuan, by this time, Mr. Li know deceived.

    Police remind the majority of Internet users, from the online purchase of electronic products must not yield to the temptation of cheap, sellers often pretext of "smuggled goods", that can not be traded in the Taobao, require the direct remittance, payment to avoid paying treasure such as relatively safe, while using the Internet users to get the goods psychological, repeatedly asked the users import trading margin money, to fraud.

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