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Analysis of the transformation of foreign trade e-commerce market four factors
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    (China E-Commerce Research Center News) for Adsense or traditional enterprise whether can turn to electronic commerce in foreign trade, we must first conduct market analysis, to understand the feasibility to do foreign trade website, and then to make a decision. For example, searching for foreign trade online retail products, in addition to meet the characteristics of online sales, also can undertake from Chinese sent to other countries and meet customer freight transportation time requirements. Here, we list 4 simple analysis of the transformation of foreign trade of electronic commerce.

    A, product features from consideration

    In general, do foreign trade online sales: most of the finished products, mainly for individual consumers and small wholesale trade. Considered from the accumulated customer source angle, fast moving consumer goods is superior to the durable consumer goods, replacement or the cycle of repeated use is appropriate within a year. Such as clothing, food and so on, the rapid change of repeat purchase rate is conducive to improve the site.

    Two, from the product price considerations

    The price of the products should not be foreign trade site is too low, because the low commodity to have profit space borne high international freight. Of course, the high price is not easy to move the consumer, after all, the current domestic commodity trade website do most is to rely on cheap win overseas consumers.

    Three, from the product volume and weight considerations

    The volume is too large, fast shipping weight of heavy goods is not conducive to the individual, but also in the freight likely caused by rising costs, therefore, the owners should choose light goods as the main sales products.

    Four, from the product cost

    B2C website product cost is a major factor in the decision of profit. In general, do the commodity cost of electronic commerce in foreign trade compared with foreign retail prices have obvious advantages, guarantee a certain profit space to help Adsense to bear the cost of various aspects, including the promotion of cost and logistics cost.

    The above is to judge the webmaster or traditional enterprise whether are suitable for using the foreign trade B2C overseas sales of 4 points, if there is a supply of goods on hand, can search the Internet to understand the other competitors in the foreign trade website sales price and quantity. In addition, to measure the specific operation can gain profit space, so as to decide whether to carry out foreign trade website construction. (ED: China Yongquan Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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