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Development history and trend of switching power supply industry in China (turn)
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In recent years, industry development
    Electronic power industry is an important part of Chinese electronic information industry, but also has a strong international competitiveness of the breakdown of the industry, even in the world under the impact of the financial crisis in 2009, total industry output still amounted to 106100000000 yuan, to maintain the growth rate of more than 5%. In 2010 after the national a series of macroeconomic stimulus policies implemented and the global economy tends to be stable, China's electronic information industry quickly regained momentum of development, Chinese power industry is borrowing strength, the size of the output value reached 117200000000 yuan, the growth rate of more than 10%.
    Switching power supply is the main categories of products in electronic power supplies, because of its small size, light weight, power density / high conversion efficiency, wide input voltage range, less heat consumption of all the various advantages, demand trend and thanks to the electronic products a short thin, its rapid development, quickly replaced the linear power supply is pervasive in all the field of electronic products according to the power supply, China learn to collect data, in 2008 the national switch mode power supply (mainly contains the consumer switching power supply, industrial switching power supply, communication power supply, PC power supply, the same below) output value reached 85500000000 yuan, in 2009 reached 93100000000 yuan, an increase of 8.8%; in 2010 reached 102700000000 yuan, a growth of 10.3%.
    Subdivision by field of application of switching power supply, which occupies the whole industry output share of the first industrial switching power supply, total industry output value in 2010 reached the proportion of 56%, ranking the second place in the consumer switching power supply, communication switching power supply accounted for 32%, accounted for 6%, accounting for 3% of PC switching power supply.

Two, the characteristics of production and management in power industry switch
    1¡¢The production characteristics
    With the structure of electronic products and electronic design are the same, so the power supply requirements are the same, in the design and manufacture, to customer specifications, as the standard design and production.
    Switching power supply products are divided into standard and non - standard products, generally speaking, standardized product orders larger volume, lower margin, competition is intense, and non standardized product order batch is lesser, but gross margin is higher, less competition. Standardized products are mainly used in consumer electronic products, PC power and other fields, and non customized product application and communication power supply, standard of new energy and industrial power and other fields. Standard switching power supply enterprise according to customer orders to organize production, enterprises generally not have inventory. Make to order refers to the receipt of customer orders, modify the design, manufacturing and assembly based on existing product scheme, or re design of research and development, provide the final production of customized products to customers. Enterprises in the receipt of customer orders, according to the specific requirements of the order, designed to meet the special requirements of customers customized products, from the selection of suppliers, raw material requirements, design process, manufacturing process and the delivery of the finished product and so on are decided by customer orders. Switching power supply product type are many, the general enterprises unable to gain advantage in every segment of the market, in addition to the power adapter and charger of mobile phone of the standardization of products competition lower margin, each enterprise has its main market segments, and actively explore new field, can get better profit margins.
    Unlike the mass customization, customization of switching power supply is more small batch customization, in order to better control costs, thereby rapidly to provide customers with customized products with low cost, high quality, put forward a higher request to enterprise R & D, production management and procurement capacity, so enterprises must have the agile product development and design ability and material purchasing ability, specifically for a product design of the traditional rigid production line will also be able to meet the replacement of flexible production line manufacturing diversified and personalized requirements.
    2¡¢Profit characteristics
    Switch power production enterprises according to the product positioning and different grades, its profit pattern is different. Technical content is low in the low-end products, mostly to take the processing fee is the main source of profits. Many consumer electronic products supporting the production of switching power supply enterprise general standard of low power, low price competition, to give priority to, to scale operation to win, profitability is poor; in the high-end products as high-end electronic products, industrial control equipment supporting, the switching power supply efficiency, accuracy and reliability requirements of the higher requirements, manufacturing enterprises have strong research and development capabilities and superb manufacturing level, high added value products, so the high-end switching power supply enterprise bargaining ability, profit ability is strong. The strength of the large power supply enterprises basically are beginning to transition from OEM to ODM, providing the research design to processing one-stop service for customers, the enterprise brand has a good reputation in the industry, all obtains the customer approval in product quality and R & D capability, has ability of exterior design inside design and the products.
    3¡¢The characteristics of the market
    Because the switching power supply industry to customize based, enterprise sales closely integrated with the orders, sales behavior occurred in the manufacturing of products before. At the same time, enterprises also develop standards to promote the products, markets and customers, and actively expand the electronic industry customers, show the company R & D design ability, the scale of production and quality management ability has become an important means of marketing. At present, the switching power supply industry to expand sales channels of the main ways to participate in trade fairs, recommend each other in professional print media and industry website promotion and customer, and have the high quality customer resource is the most direct embodiment of strength of enterprises.

Three, the analysis of the development trend of power industry switch
    1¡¢The development trend of switching power supply products     A¡¢Green
    Switching power supply products green would be applied widely. Green switch power supply products "specifically refers to the significant energy savings and not with the electric network pollution. Twenty-first Century node and environmental requirements, will make many kinds of intelligent switch power technology is widely used, the power supply structure develops from centralized system to distributed.
    High frequency switching power supply of small and technology becomes the mainstream of modern power supply system. Miniaturization, power supply to reduce the weight of portable electronic devices (such as mobile phone, digital camera, etc.) is important. Therefore, improving the power density and power switch power conversion efficiency, make it miniaturization, lightweight, people continue to pursue the goal is. High frequency soft switching technology, as one of the main technical means of miniaturized power, one of the research hotspots in the international field of power electronics in recent years.
    Intelligent control of digital power supply will be efficient and digital chip power supply switch combination, and applying the appropriate algorithm to adjust the voltage, current. Digital power supply compared with the analog power supply, the detection error of current can be used for accurate digital correction, voltage detection more accurate; can realize fast, flexible control design.
    In order to improve the reliability of the system, the machine manufacturers cooperation and component manufacturers to develop "user specific" power module has become a trend. It is to be installed in almost all the hardware machine have chip form into a single module, no traditional wire is connected between the large number of components, to minimize the parasitic parameters, thus the power components and power devices under electrical stress to a minimum, to improve the reliability of the system equipment to.
    2¡¢Switching power supply market prospect forecast
    China power supply society and ICTresearch forecast, 2011 Chinese power industry output value will increase to 130400000000 yuan, a growth of 11.26% in 2010, 2015 China power industry output value will reach 215600000000 yuan, 13.39% compound annual growth 2011-2015.

Four management, competitive status of Chinese domestic enterprises and the main manufacturer of switching power supply
    Power supply more variety of products, application field is broad, has the scale and level of the enterprise competition in uneven for different segments. Eaton, Emerson, Schneider group, Delta Electronics and other power giants as UPS power, industrial power supply and PC supply industry benchmarking enterprises, in the corresponding areas of the market in the absolute leading position, its visibility, scale, capital and technology strength, and quality control ability is far beyond the domestic power enterprises. In recent years, along with the international transfer of the manufacturing industry and domestic manufacturing enterprises, R & D and the accumulation of experience, the country gradually in some consumer switching power supply market segment field power supply, desktop PC made some breakthroughs, grow a group have a certain competitive advantage of the power companies, power cases of the Great Wall computer company subordinates manufacturing division has become the domestic desktop PC power leading. But because of the extensive application of industry power supply, causing a certain segment of the market, the overall market concentration is not high, the industry Chinese enterprises to small and medium enterprises, as of 2011 October, selected China electronic components industry association information center selection 2010 (twenty-third session) China electronic components hundred enterprises at present does not have a main the camp of switching power supply enterprises to become listing Corporation. The domestic representative firms in the switching power supply industry (except the the Great Wall outside of the computer mainly has the following several):

Five, switching power supply industry development strategy suggestion
    "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, with the further development of China's information industry, increase the intensity of the enterprise informationization, sustained and stable growth of custom power supply products in the market will be, but only to the full integration of manufacturer to customer service customization and industry power supply products for customers to create higher value, and then let the customers are willing to pay more for custom power supply products the high cost of.
    Green energy is the focus of the future development of custom power supply products. The future, custom power is no longer just provide a single product, but the response to the needs of manufacturers to provide more perfect management solutions, the overall demand for new products manufacturers plan put forward higher and higher demands to the overall power solution. How to customize the power enterprises to seize the opportunity in the risk, improve the competitiveness of the brand, whether the overall win the trust of users depends on challenges and competition in which solutions are provided to the full integration and user service requirements.
    The future there will be more and more integral product manufacturers put out custom power of outsourcing, the use of external excellent professional team to carry on its business, to focus on core business, reduce cost, improve efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and foreign link strain capacity. In this trend, there will be more OEM/ODM manufacturers to service as their competitiveness. With the speed of information exchange, the products on the market, prices tend to open, power production enterprises to get orders to manufacturers, it should provide valuable value-added services. Design services are the most flat-panel TV power supply value-added service is one of the most significant, especially the solution for the customers to provide practical, in the industry technical requirements of customized power strong manufacturing industry, from OEM to ODM design link increases in the value chain, extending to the upstream industry chain, and gradually occupied the high-end value chain. Good design skills and quick response logistics will become the key to win customers.
    In addition, to accelerate the processing speed and order delivery, after sale service and quality, close to help customers solve the problem, improve the technical service of professional degree. Master the major customer project development progress, strengthen technical service support and the speed of new product development speed. Strengthen the auxiliary control outsourcing product quality. Shorten the dominant type of new products development time, are the embodiment of the future manufacturers of quality service.
Because of the whole product manufacturers are large domestic enterprises and multinational companies, have to carry on transnational operation and sales, therefore, the power supply manufacturers in the fully competitive environment, in order to rapid reaction to changes in market demand and reduce the operation cost, need to have global operations management mode, immediate, complete, at the lowest cost, flexible objective production and rapid delivery, to meet customer quality, price, delivery time and place on demand. At the same time, regular market price comparison analysis, ensure the advantage of their products in performance and price, actively participate in the development of new products, to provide relevant support for machine manufacturers.

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